Deep Night, Deep Autumn

1) We Speak of Deep Night 8:36
The Juan Cortina Suite:
2) i Pistol Whip 5:04
3) ii El Valle del Rio Grande 3:45 – MP3!
4) iii Brownsville Raid 3:02
5) Brickyard 1:00
6) Lodi 4:24
7) Chambers Street 4:59
8) Woodside Meteor 2:21
9) We Speak of Deep Autumn 7:13 – MP3!

Produced by Roger Kleier

Roger Kleier: All guitars
Annie Gosfield: All keyboards & sampling loops

This project was produced in part at Harvestworks NYC through the artist-in-residence program.

Starkland ST-211
P.O. Box 2190 Boulder CO 80306



Technical Data

Roger uses a collection of Stratocasters, Telecasters, and Les Pauls all highly modified so as to hardly resemble the instrument that left the factory. Like most electric guitarists, he has a crate full of stomp boxes, and his pedalboard usually contains a fuzzbox, volume pedal, modulation and delay effects, and a looping device. He mainly uses Fender or Musicman amplifiers. He endorses John Pearse strings, and thanks the Lexicon Corporation for a JamMan.


"Deep Night, Deep Autumn is a bittersweet record, a record of muted colors and shadowed statements like snapshots of the desert at day's end, just after sunset. These are eidetic memories encapsulated in sounds, familiar yet haunting, somehow indescribable. Unlike so much music that pulls the listener through a narrative in linear time, composer and guitarist Roger Kleier has here created a work that draws the listener in a different direction: deeper and deeper. . ."

"Kleier's toolbox overflows with myriad ways to mutate a guitar, ranging from the hallowed techniques of Jimi Hendrix, Captain Beefheart, Hubert Sumlin, and Link Wray, through the extended techniques of the last 25 years of guitar–mangling, to the recent technological innovations of sampling, layering, digital sound processing, and random–access construction using ProTools. Many of the sounds are free of genre reference – their identity lies in their overtone structure, in the unpredictable transients, in the surprising decay. This multi–faceted approach does not exist merely to demonstrate a collection of tricks – these are compostions whose vocabulary and syntax are seamlessly intertwined. This is music for orchestra, no matter that many of the instruments of this orchestra started life as an electric guitar. The final result is a music with the sense of inevitablity that could not manifest in any other way than what is revealed to us on this CD. . ."

– From the liner notes, written by Elliott Sharp.

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